Website changes

I am looking at doing a new site here on word press as I look for more work and use a different company to what I am using at the moment. The main reason is that it is a bit of a pain to sort out what I would like for a website as at the moment I have 3 with 3 different companies and what I have been thinking is to make it in to 2 all with one company as at the moment I have my photography, retouch and blog sites.

My thinking is that I will be doing my photography and retouch as one site and blog as another. This is mainly so that I can keep them all unto date at the same time and I do find WordPress easier to use then the others. I am going to be making this other the next few weeks and will have something new hopefully by the end of January that will be under one name. this is at least something that I hope will make things better and easier for all.

I do admit I need to add new stuff that I have been doing but that is nothing really with what has been going on.


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