blender weekly (pollyscene (wooded Forest)

This was all starting of me having a wooded scene by a stream, but it turned in to what I have know which is some woods by a cliff.


This as normal is just the lay out as this shows where parts will be.

I have keeped it simple for know but it will have more stuff soon when I start to but in more stuff into the scene.


I did all the lifts and rocks around the water.

I did my best to keep this simple and easy to sort out for when it starts feeling up.


I put in the trees and the grass for some textures.

I have sorted out the grass that is on where the cliff is going so you do not see it.


I have to say that the look of the rock looks amazing.

I ddid sculpt the hole thing which looks amazing.


I was going to make a few other things other then just a bridge but I thought better as the scene looked very busy already.

I know it is on a dark backdrop but it is there.


This was mainly sorting out the water and adding some touches.

I do like how the water looks and the touches are made simply


This as normal is texturing and rendering the project.

This actual took 20+ hrs to render. Which dose show on here.


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