Blender weekly (Candy land – week 1)

This is going to take me some time and working out what is going on, as candy land is something that is going to be a fun to make and work on. There is more to come as I work on parts of the landscape, that is full of sweets.


Doing a layout and starting to texture the models which is something that I am changing and working on as time goes on.

I have to do a bit more work to this image as I will be looking on it other time next week.


This is something I am working on other time and how the textures are going to be.

These do look good and I hope I can make these look better.


I thought I would make a jelly castle.

I think I might have to work on the textures of these ones as there is something off by them.


I thought I would might as well as make a chocolate bridge as that dose look cool.

I have to say that slipping on the rough chocolate bars as they are like they are cobble stones on bridges.


This is a type of candy I like and would like to have a bit more a of texture on there.

I like the candy canes as well. I will look into the textures today so the next time you see this it will look different.


Gummy worms, is something fun to eat. I do like the way the colours have come out.

I like how the colours and textures are looking like there is something going on.


The rendering is taking some time to do as there is a lot information to work on and sort out at a high quilty.

It is starting to look very sweet and fun to be there, but there is more things I would like to do.


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