What plan I have for 2021

Where to start. This is something that can not be told or seen the least year as I am not sure where it will take me. Mind you I never know where things will take me. As I could plan a lot of things but then the pandemic could change that. One thing I would like to do more of is in the list below. If you like to see what 2020 helded for me, please click this link.

As for the list and goals I have under here.

  • 365 project
  • Blender weekly
  • Make a computer game
  • Get outside more
  • Work with more models

I have chosen to keep going on with Blender weekly and 365 project, as this will push me quite a bit more. I have had an idea of making a game for some time in the least few years so, I thought I would start making it as this is a game that I think would work really well. I will not be talking much about it till I think it is ready to be seen. There is a lot to it that will take me a while to learn, but I have to make a base’s game and that will be working. There are a lot rules that I am keeping quite about as this is something I would like to see if I can add it in to the game. Which I think should be possible.

For getting out side more, I know why we have stayed indoors due to the pandemic is to stay safe and not spread what is going on. I would like to start working with models again and make more fantasy photos as that is something would like to do. I know what roughly I am thinking, then when shooting models with I can do both types of photos which would be fun to do.

One thing I am doing this year is making a new website on here instead of using what I am at the moment as that will be easier to upload and have somethings that I have always wanted in the sites I have at the moment. I will be putting some time aside to find photos an work on them for my new website.

I hope this is going to be a better year then 2020.


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