Blender Weekly (sci-fi Cityscape – Week 1)

New year, new challenges. This has started out as a challenge but as I started working thought the looks and feels of the cityscape I just need to work on a few bits to make it all work together.


I thought I would start out with making a building and this is my first look.

I am looking at retexturing this a bit and changing the look. Mind you I am looking at doing that on all the images.


This is a the emergency building that I have designed.

I have gone a bit smaller then I could have but I do like the look


This is the apartment building that I have been working on.

I do like the look and will be change the texture a bit as I think I could do better.


This is the factory of this city.

I know there is no signs on there yet but that will come once I work out what to say.


This is the first of many drones.

This is a taxi cab of the furture.


This another drone that is based on a lorry

Not sure about the taxtures which is something I might change.


This is how I like the scene and I am thinking it is missing something.

I have to say it dose look really bright an I am thinking I might turn that down. This will be the same for the rotes as well as they are very bright and colourfully.


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