Open letter to trump

Before you start to think I am Armerican I am not so I am not 100% on the laws that you have. This is my view and what I think should have happened.

Dear Mr Trump

I would like to know a few things that same to be out of place of some one of you standings. As things are happening right know that you disagree with and do not believe has happened. All I can think is that is why are you acting like a child that is losing a game that he is playing, since you own said ball, you take the ball and go home and spoil the game for the other kids. which as someone that owns a million dollar buissens should be acting like some one has grace and respect and not a spoiled rich kid that needs everything go his way.

Also why are you trying to poison that country that you live in, as this is going to break it in half. Are you only thinking of yourself and not of other people as you might have caused some deaths just so you can have your power back. If that is all you went buy an island and live there. As then you will have everything you went and no one can tell you differently. even you wife thinks you have gone too far as she is resining as first laid even thought there is not many weeks till the end of your turm, you can act like an adult as you are one and not as a child that needs a spanking.

Why would you also support the far right and say there is nothing wrong with kill coloured people. There is something wrong with you and the way you think and things go. I Personal think you have left the country you say you love in bits as some agree with what you think and the other is completely against. Do you have to ack like you are the most important thing in the world. Sad to say till you have left office you are not the most most important person you are a human being how is being delostional. You need to stop think how has this happened and why is it? and think it is done and I have lost nothing I can do about it. Let us continue with life and keep moving.

You said make Americar great again, but other the four years you been incharged it has got worst not just with how you have treated the covid pandemic over the least year. you have also revoked healthcare that could have helped millions of people to get better with free healthcare. There is alot of things you could have done better then you have.

Please stop telling people you where cheated when you where not as that is something that is false. This also makes me think once you are running your company that you might be getting a big hit on it as of what you are acting like. Also you only paid less then $1000 in taxes. What the hell, you have enough money to pay for more and should.

I hope you sort yourself out soon and please start respecting other people.

The rest of the world.

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