Blender Weekly(Sci-Fi cityscape)

This is the secound week of working on this model.


This was something that I thought would add some thing to the scape.

This was to me a new way of making them. It was actual lot easier and when I start making my steampunk place I hope this will help out loads.


This was just some simple stuff.

I did not go to far out there which I could have done.


This was all the stuff that goes on the first building.

I just kept it simple and nothing too big.


This was just as simple as the day before.

The smoke did take quite a day to generator.


I chose to start redoing the textures. I know right know that it dose not look as good as it could have done.

It dose look better than it has done. I just need to work on getting better at working on models like this.


This was for all the other textures.

Which dose make the whole thing look better and work out a lot nicer as well.


Render day.

This one dose look darker to the way I went it to be.

I am trying out a new bit of software to get all my textures looking good.


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