Blender Weekly (Pollyscene (garage))

This was a fun one to make. I do need to work on my looks and colour thought.


This was a nice looking layout.

I have to say this is a really cool looking area.


This was something that could have been made in an easy way.

I did try and keep this simple and nothing to big unlike the tool box that is there.


This was an easy going build that I found.

I tried and keeped this as simple as possible.


This was about what you could find in a space like this.

Or at least what I thought would be in something like this.


I know it is called stuff but the idea was to make the place look used.

I did try and keep it looking different, to what I normal do.


For once I keeped it with not too many lights.

These do add something to the scene.


This is something I did a few times and hope you like what they look like as they do look different.

The one above I am not the biggest fan off but it still looks good thought.

I think this is the better one as there is some life in there with the dust all over the place.

I do hope you like them.


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