Programming c++

This is something I use to do along time ago. I mean when I was in college and I thought I would get back into it, and I am working on a game right know that I have made before just in a different bit of software. I am choosing to program in C++ as I have a game idea that I would like to do. I have to say sitting down and programming is actual fun and I have forgotten what it is like.

I have been watching some videos on YouTube to teach me how to do the basic stuff and I am know leaning more. I am looking forward to getting this game working the way I went it to so I can do my own thing. I am starting off with making a hangman game that is fun. I have a few ideas for it and making it work for me. I am just going to keep the game simple to start off with as I make it then I will start adding bits hear and there that will improve how things are.

I have to say I am having fun doing the programming and working on this new adventure. I know I have tried a few times just this is the first time I feel ready to actual do something like this.

Cheers Joe

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