blender Weekly (Pollyscene(bike shed))

This was something fun. Mind you the one I am doing this next few weeks will be fun.


This was a rough layout of how the scene will look.

The idea was I was going to be doing a barn then I thought this looked to small so I am putting the barn on the back burner.


I know it looks odd having a tool box where it is but I kind of like it as the person working there has gone off and is doing some testing on a bike.

It is very simple and fun.


I added some grass and wood to it, on top of that some rocks as well.

This dose look good and how it feels is nice.


I added some lights as I thought it might add something to it.

I do like how this looks and it is fun.


I chose to do a bike rake style of thing as this would hold a spot for more people to come and play.

It is quite simple and nice looking.


This was a simple lighting that I used for the funness

I used quite a few but not as many as I could have.


This is about the texture and render.

I do like how this looks and cannot wait till I get better at this.

Cheers Joe

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