blender weekly (tank)

This started as an idea and I hope this turns real.


This longer then I thought as it started out very differently.

This is what I thought looked good but I feel asleep and thought about it and decided to change a few things.

To me this feels like there is it looks with reason. I have to say that working on this will have a look to all the drones I am planning on building over the next few weeks.


I did add a few bits on the side as air filleters and radiators.

All those dots are rivets to make it look like they are connected to a frame work under nether the armour.


I was made some weapons and a turret.

I have to say that it dose look great and works really well.


This is take me some time to make as they are cool.

I do like how they look and how the strong the wheels are.


When these tracks I loved them and could not wait to get them all working.

I do like how it all works together. With all the mudguards and things.


I keeped this simply and easy as that was simply.

The main reasons was I had a lot of textures to sort out.


This is render time, that is taking longer then I thought but I have done a smaller one then I one below.

When I designed this I thought I would keep the drones with little around them to show off the drone more.


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