Why I am building a game in Unreal engine (UE)

The main reason that I have chosen to use this game engine is that it is one of the best to use and I am hoping this will work well with what I am planning on making. I have been thinking of this game for some time and making it looks like it will be fun. I know I should not be making some parts till I have the code working and how I would like it to work on. There are more things that I will be working on. I am going to be making the vehicle over the next few weeks then once these are made I will be working on the game itself.

I am not sure right now how much to write about the game but I will try and talk about it know an then and how I am finding it going. There is one thing that I like to do is work on code on my Mac and then get it working on my PC as the Mac compiler I am using is not that great. Most of the time I will be working thought debugging and things like that, as this was something that makes life a little easier when working thought code and working things out. I must admit that I need to watch some more tutorials on C++ coding as this is something that I need to follow and get working.

The other thing with UE is there is a blueprint system that will help out with the coding not to mention that there is a way to do an AI system that will help me program part of the game thought there. I have used the blueprint system a bit and getting the basic side of things working is good but I hope to get some deeper things working with C++ as well as some parts of using blueprint system.

There is still a lot of information that I need to go thought and workout as I work on this game that I am planning on making.


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