Blender weekly (hovercraft)

This was a drone that I thought that is something fun and a nice looking fun.


This took some time to work out how the final look would be looking.

This is the same size of the tank I did least week. I know it looks bigger but it is not.


This dose look cool and fits well as the main system is done like a jet ski engine and the boosters on the side will help with turning and the same with the back section as there are fins on the back as well.

This took longer then I thought and how it would final look.


This was a simply skirt that is going around the edge.

I did also add the rivets to this as I did them as well.


This was a fun one. It did take some time to make as there was a lot of things to sort out.

This was a fun one to sort and work out. I do like how it looks and have fun with.


I did start this the day before and working on how I was going to have it all look.

They do look cool and how they feel, as they would be shooting hard and fun.


This was a simply day and wires where ready to go.

I have to say having these wires on here and how this detail is ready to go.


As normal I am doing a very high Rez version of this image.

I know it looks like a bear but I like it. This also gave me an idea for something I am working on. I do like the overall look of this. and can not wait to have more of these made and ready to go.

Cheers for reading


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