Blender weekly (buggy)

This is something that I have rushed thought as I am planning on working on my game with this being my main test vehicle.


This was a simple start and I like how it looks. I have the frame showing as it is how I was thinking this model would look when you are playing the game.

I now there is black at the top and this is a different marital and is there is some weapons on them.


I have tried to keep this looking like it is a buggy that is ready to race.

I have to say trying to keeping them looking like their ready to race.


This was harder than I thought as there is a lot of things in there.

I have added some more bit since I did as this is something that I like an thought it was quite changeling as I like them.


I have added a small set of missile pods. To the top as this is will fly thought more races.

The front guns as just a hand gun that is set on the front of the drone.


This is the air-fillter and radiator for the engiening.

I have to say putting the radiator behind the wheels not work that well with them there. I do have to say having the air fillter there dose look amazing.


This was an easy thing to do as the more I use this style for getting pipes is a lot easier and fun to do.

The wires that I have was fun to make. I am looking forward to adding some of this to a project I might start up again soon but this will be a long project wother a month then just a week.


I have gone with yellow as I do like to look at this colour.

I also went for the mud look on the drone. I do like the look of this and can not wait to get my game going.


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