blender weekly (Truck)

This was something that I have been thinking about a while, and I kind of like the look of it.


This is a design that I kind of like. It has look that says I am here to help or resupply over drones.

I could also build big guns on there.


This is a six wheels to one of these drones that I am making.

I do like how the wheels feel for the amount of power that goes thought them.


This is a side weapon that can be changed.

Like most things on the drones that I have been building over the least week.


This is for repairing vechails.

This is something that I might work on more and more other the next few weeks.


I did chose to add engines and axels as this is something that is needed.

This will have suppression.


These are some smoke pipes.

I like how they look and work thought.


This is taking longer then I first thought it would.

This is something that looks amazing and would be fun to drive. I need to work on a few other things to get it all working.

Cheers Joe

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