blender weekly (alien planet week 1)

I am doing a 2 week long project on an alien planet. It has took some time to work out what it will look like this.


I like a good layout of a planet.

I like this little valley and there are more things that will be changing.


I put some different sky objects that I will be setting some lights up soon.

I know there is more to them then it looks.


I started work on the first building.

I have not till know worked out the size of the people and I think I have worked something out.


This is a big building that was made next to a cliff.

This is something fun that works out well for this look.


This is a bridge that I have designed to look cool across the top.

I have to say that I like this as it will cool in the future.


This is nice big building that is there as a mine entrances.

I did add the doors and I hope this all comes together at the end.


I added a crane to this.

This crane is something that looks amazing, but it dose hide a few things.

There is more coming out next week


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