Blender weekly (Alien Planet week2)

This was something that was fun to make and create as there are things that I could improve on. I have to say this was something fun to make and get working.


I started the week out by adding barrels.

These are here to ad some depth in there.


I thought adding some trucks in here.

would add something to the model.


I know it looks like there is only 3 contains I did more work to add it there.

I do like the way the colours have come across.


When it comes to mining there are always pipes around and being on a different planet this is more important to sort out.

I was going to have a load of smaller pipes as well just I thought that was a little bit to much


I designed an entrance way to the mine it self with a lift in there to move the trucks up and down.

I think having this at the end of the alleyway looks cool.


This is something I have been looking forward to.

I only added the sky objects and not the rest of the lighting as I keeped it as a surprise.


This is the whole thing put together.

I hope you like how this looks and where things are.


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