Blender weekly (Pollyscene(Weapons Room))

This was something I thought would be fun and would be great. I need to have a more of an idea of what I need to do.


The layout was something that I thought looked fun and great to use.

I have pulled the roof as it looks out of place.


I thought I would put some bits in there that would look good.

So I put put in a sofa and some baseball bat.


This was something that I have had in mind when I was was coming up with it.

I have to say that the shield is ticker than I should have made it.


I thought I would add a gun with a load of mags and ammo boxes.

I did put in a load of ammo bullets.


I thought I would add some rugs and other things.

I do have to say that the books do look.


This was something that I had to redo as I forgot to render it before I did the final render.

I also thought I did not have the cupboards on the side so I added them to hear.


This is what the whole thing looks like.

I should have had this a bit brighter then it is right know.

Cheers for looking


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