blender weekly (floating island – weekly 1)

This is something that will take 2 weeks to do.


I started with one island that was hand crafted.

It did take some time to make this as I was working out how best to make something like this.


I did the same thing here and some how made it look like an ice cream.

I do like the look of this and will hopefully make things feel good.


This least one was done where you see the cliff.

This dose look good I know there is more to come just been working on things as well.


There was going to be a second bridge just I thought that one would be better.

I chose to use glass as it is a modern and sci-fi world.


I thought adding a few vehicles in here would addd something.

I should do more as there is going to be more in the sky.


These are some rocks on the ground.

These are adding some textures.


There are some water in the back ground as I thought there is a river running down a mountain.

I did some sky rocks that are floating around.

I think it is coming along nicely and there is more to come soon.

Cheers Joe

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