Blender Weekly (Floating Island week 2)

There was a lot of things that I have been working on in this image.


I did some trees.

I thought I would do different colour leaves thought out the trees nice this is a different planet and all.


I thought adding a building to one of the islands was a good idea as it feels like they are working on that one for something.

I was thinking that this is a research centre or hotel not sure at the moment.


I thought I would an engine or two to each island.

I think I have done two many of them and there is a lot of light coming from them.


I thought adding a planet of two to the scene works well. I have to say the stars do look cool but I am know thinking there is too many of them.

It did take me a while thought to get this look for them.


I thought adding some grass would add something which I still think it dose even thought it is heard to see.

I do like how it looks.


Getting the lighting right was hard.

I just thought it would always look good with a coloured mist and I think it dose.


I have to say this dose look good for what I am doing. The final image has some good depth of field and it just brings the whole thing together.

I will be when doing these sorts of photos again.

Cheers Joe

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