Bad side of lockdown for me

This is something that I have always had happens to me all the time. I think I have put on a lot more weight the I have planned on. So I am going to be putting myself thought a chnage that I will hope to loss a lot of weight and try to keep it off. One thing I have been doing is cycling and when I become a happy size I shall say was when I was riding 4 hours a day. which is something I will be building up too.

When I was cycling about 4 hours a day I was going to and from work which was about 32 miles round trip. I have coved this distance less than 4 hours but that was when lights where running for me. I was also pushing my body a lot, which is something that I need to start doing. I was also making a lot of soaps and eating healthily which is something that I am not doing right know.

I am going to be changing the way things are with me and I am going to be starting to ride my bike for a few hours each time. I hope to start riding early in the morning as I am not a fan of heat. Also I will be riding in the afternoon for getting my heart bumping. This is something that I need to do a lot of by cycling more and harder even thought I am not outdoors. Which is something I hope to change soon as I start riding my mountain bike. Which I need to service again and get ready for a big ride. What I am hoping to do is loss weight and get fitter, which I know it will not be an easy thing to do. Riding my bikes is something that I use to do a lot of.

I am hoping to loss some weight and get back into some sort of shape. I am some one that is not looking for muscle just a lost of fat. One area I hope to change is the amount of food that I eat and what I eat, as I do love fatty and sweet food. That is right all the good stuff I should not eat, so this will all change over time.

Cheers Joe

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