Blener Weekly (Polly scene (Genestealer Cults))

This is another one of the polly scenes that is linked to Warhammer 40K.


This is a simple fence to one side as this is next to a mine that is there.

I did add some panels on to there like they are being weighted on and used at a letter date.


This was a mine entrance for a big mine in the scene.

I did take those lights out as they did not feel right in the final scene.


I thought I would add something to cover the doors.

I do like how simple it is and easy it is.


This is something that I like as I have added a load of tiers.

I chose bikes and trucks as they look cool as anything.


Adding some boxes and buckets to the scene is adding something to the place.


I have added some cool lighting and lights.

This is something that has added something to the scene.


Putting that all together and having all the textures together is something amazing.

There is something amazing as there is dust and hell all over the place.

I hope you like


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