Blender Weekly (Polly Scene(Eldar))

This was something that took me a while to work out and chose how the final images will look.


I did this as there is a rough layout to the final scenes.

These blocks are there to show where things will be going.


I was design the tower to look something mean as these are not nice people.

I like the look and feel of this, and there is space at the top with space to see over the walls and a place where to fight.


The gate is made strong and hollow for fighting things. That are attacking and stops things coming thought.

I did some pillars and have some lights on top as they light up the area.


I did the wall like this as it matches over all look of the Eldar that I have in mind.

I did keep it quite simple and mean looking, as that is the over all look of the scene.


This was another set of trees as Eldar are like elves so I thought having some trees and grass there it gives a cool feeling to it.

I did use a different grass look in the end.


I have added some lights.

I have also added some mist to get something like a light beam.


Doing the texturing here was fun and easy.

I have to say it one marry together well as I am trying to sort out a lot of different looks to this.


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