Polly Scene(Kitchen)

This was a fun one todo as I actually made it in one day. I did that as I have a lot of things I am working on and would like to do more with it.


This is the layout of where I am thinking of putting it all.

As you can see I have put a window in there as I like to see out while I am doing washing up as well.


Like all kitchens there are some cupboard in there.

I do like these cupboards as they look cool but I know there are no handles.


The cooker that I have made is quite simply.

I added the hood as they are always good for cookers.


Stuff on the side of the cooker and plates.

Rug is something I thought would look cool in this scene and I think it works out.


I added a sink as that is a fun thing.

I kept this simple and fun.


Adding light was a fun one and having these lights and how it all is when it is ongoing thought the window and lights.

I did a scene with a spot light and how feel thought the windows.


This is how all the things I have made in a day look as one scene

I do have to say that I like how it all looks and works.


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