Blender Weekly (Polly scene (Bedroom))

This was a mad one that I have been thinking about for a few days.


This is a rough layout as I work out where I am going with this.

I thought I would have an open window for the scene since it is starting to get hot here.


I thought adding a bed with a rough looking sheet looks cool.

I did add some pillows and two layers to the bed.


It took me a little while to work out how I would like the cupboards to look.

I thought having the two different types of cupboards is a good thing.


I am thinking have something on the floor is adding something to the scene.

I kept the rug simple as I need to work out how to make them look cool.


I thought adding things to the draws and on top of the cupboards would give something to the over all scene.

I did two tone glass on the cups and I think it has all worked.


The lighting here is something that looked cool.

I like how I have good a lopsided look of a face.


Adding textures is always fun.

I did not see that the wall paper was hexagon until I was close to finished the scene.

I do like how it looks just hoping to learn more as I have worked out show to get some things look the way I wanted it.



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