Blender Weekly (Alleyway)

This was something that I have had in mind for a few weeks know.


I started out with just bricks.

It took long then I thought as I was working out how the final wall looks.


I thought I would make a cool looking flooring.

It is a simple one that I have made.


I love the idea of bins in the alleyway.

I love the texture and the way I am planning to get the bins to look.


Bin bags is something that you find in these types of places.

I thought adding cardboard to the scene and having them look like it was falling apart cardboard.


I thought adding fire exit doors and boarded up Windows is something they will have here.

I am thinking this is the back of a night club or something like that.


I know this dose not look like much but there is a light going thought a door and then a moon light is there.

This looks odd as I am blocking the moon light on the far wall.


This is something I have had in mind for some time.

I do think this is an amazing and might try to add some other things to it.

Cheers Joe

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