Blender weekly (Pollyscene(steampunk house))

This was something that I have found to be fun. I do like steampunk and can not wait to get working on a place I have had in mind for a while.


I have to say that I had to look up where this was going as I was not sure on the main layout would look.

I think this work wells as steampunk can be very stuck together.


I know I may have said this before but making pipes is fun.

I did add a tanker to the scene and it is adding something to the overall image.


I thought adding grass and some pathing slaps to the other all scene there is a little to much grass.

I did add a door as I thought it might addd something to here.


I have added some pipe holders and scaffolding to the scene to help out with holding the pipes up.

This was a fun one to make and create. as I need to make sure they are all the same across the board.


Adding trees was mainly done to give more height across the whole scene.

I did squash some trees to look like it they are bushes.


This is how much lighting I have added to the scene.

I did add some fire I know you can not see it but it is there.


Adding texture to the scene has pulled it all together.

Once it was all added together it has something that looks amazing on the overall thing.


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