Playing crusade in warhammer 40k

This was a fun thing to do as they are small and fast battles where we use to play massive table size games, but now these little ones are real fun. Mind you I have only played one game so far and need to work on a few things. As there are a few parts that I need to still work on some parts that I have not worked out yet. This is something that I am planning on changing in the next few days. Thought having have a list of things to play with, is a challenge that is why I like it.

I have to say winning my second game is amazing and I hope to do a few more wins will feel good. Just I have to work out my play style, which is important for the fights. I have to say playing games is a fun thing, even thought if I win or lose. I have to say winning is a fun thing and need to see what happens.

I do hope to win more but it is something that will happen over time when winning but losing is part of it.


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