Blender weekly (Texture time)

This is something that I have been meaning to get right and working out how it all should look. As I have been having some problems with sorting out how the textures look.


I thought I would start out with something simple and easy, then I thought nope not happening I am going to make some thing cool looking.

This is the model that I made and designed. Then I worked on the UV-Map which says how the models will look when adding textures.

The boxes is how the texture will be added to the model when I start adding them to the model.


These images below show how all the textures have mixed and look.

I know there are a thing bits I can improve on but this looks so much better then what I was doing least week.


I knew the model above was something easy to say but I have made this one with different angles round bits and other things to make it a little harder to make it work.

As you can see there are bits that are not boxes but I think it all works when you see the final shoots.


I have to say the textures are different and working on them was helpful and fun.

As you can see the over all texture is a lot better and cleaner on here.


Monitors is something you look at all the time. Just this type was something I used when I was younger.

I do like the simple design just I forgot to put the lights to show it is on and running.


This is a gun that I thought would look cool from the top of my head.

I think I could have done better but since this is the first gun I have designed it is not to bad.


I was going to do this one on Monday just I thought it would be fun to do it as the least one.

This is when I know I have got the basic idea of how unwrapping things help in blender and texturing.

I have a blog on Wednesday to show the difference between what I use to do and what I am doing know. Even thought this way is taking a lot longer to do.


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