blender and where I hope to be moving.

I do hope to be moving on to some amazing things with blender know I now how to use get textures looking good. As I was working on UV-unwraping in there which is used for the texturing. Basically it is flatting out the shape that I have just made. I thought I had it work right before I looked in to it more which turned out to be wrong. I am hoping that working on new and bigger projects I will be able to get this working better and hoping I can better at it as this is making my art work look so much better.

As to what I use to do these photos look amazing and will be working on projects that will only be getting better and better. To what I use to do it looks like I am on another level. I do not feel like I am just it looks like that.

It might be hard to see on some of these images but I am not 100% happy with it. I am hoping to work on test again at some point but it might be a while till I do work on them. So for me least week was getting to the point where I will not have these problems again.


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