Blender Weekly (PollyScene(Barn))

This was something that I have pushed back a bit and I do kind of like how it looks.


The layout looks really cool as I sorted out all the wood planks.

I thought just having the wood as the start of the layout is something cool.


I thought adding some parts to the scene would give a cool feel to the over all scene.

This was a fun one to make and I like to have fun with it.


Hay bales is something I thought you would find in this barn.

I know it looks like a lot of bales but it is one line of them.


This was for the tools so you can move them around.

I like to keep things simple.


I chose to have some grass outside with some good old wooden wheels.

There is some small amount of grass was there as well.


Lighting is a fun thing to do.

I know this dose not look like much but you can see how the lights might fall on the over scene.


I love how this texture is done and love how it all looks.

I have to say having a light fall thought the scene looks amazing.

I hope you like them.


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