Blender weekly (race track)

This is something that I have had in mind for some time, and thought was towards something I need to get back into make but I will be soon working on a few different projects that I am planning.


This is the track layout that I have gone for and how it all works together.

There is flow to this track but most of it might be to speed.


This is a rough ground that is between the track and outside as well.

I do like the cliffs and how there is some hight in the middle.


I was trying to get something else to work but it was not so I put all the barriers in by hand.

I did make it feel more like a road course and not a modern open track that we see these days.


This took me some time to do as I was putting each set of wheels down by hand and boy it took time to do that.

There is a lot of them and it did take a while to do.


I made some simple looking buildings.

Even thought they are simple I should have done a few more in there.


Trees is there more that I need to say.

Again I did all these buy hands as well as changing that size of the trees.


This is the final product and the lighting was changed with something about this spot just look amazing.

One thing I need to do is start using something so all my sizing can be done at the some size as some go these models are off a bit. This would so that they are looking like you can drive around the track.


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