blender Weekly (Beach)

This is something That I think looks cool. I need to sort out the final look of the next one and see where it takes me.


This was to give a rough layout of where certain things were going to be.

I did a breakwater as though it is going into a port.


I thought adding some foam would add something to it.

I think adding some bubbles in here was a cool thing.


I thought adding some beach chairs to the scene would give something special.

I thining having somewhere to sit is adding something to the scene. as some beaches have these on them.


Having some wooden boats on a beach is something that you do not see that much anymore.

Getting these to look like this is something amazing.


I thought adding some BBQs here is like this is part of a hotel and they are waiting for them to cool down.

I think I can add some BBQ is amazing.


I thought adding some lighting here is something fun.

I was thinking of adding some mist to the light and star system to overlook the beach scene and the entranceway to the port that is there,


The overall look of the scene does look amazing.

The way that the mist work looks amazing as it pulls the light thought and gives off textures as well as the feel of night thought out the scene. One thing I am not a fan of is I should have ran the render for longer.


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