blender Weekly (Fram house)

This was something that I thought would be fun todo.


This is just to see how the ground looks and the way things will be with all the final scene.

I know I could have made the ground bigger just you will not see it.


The main thing that is beeping shown off is this house.

It is bigger that It could have been mind you it could be a mansion.


I was thinking this adding some cottage stuff to the mansion.

I thought adding some wood beams and other things to the house.


I did add an odd driveway to row scene.

I though having it so it was getting done or painted at a letter time.


I was thinking adding a load of trees in the back drop would look amazing.

I like adding these to the scenes but I need to work out how to make them myself.


I thought adding some lighting to scene would be cool.

I love the look of how straight the light looks on there.


This is not really how I saw taking this but I do like how it all looks.

I was going to be working on some things that is in bright light then anything else.

Cheers Joe

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