blender weekly (Cycber punk city – week 1)

This was fun to make and I have made more then I am showing today.


I thought I would start out with a building.

This is a fun thing that looks cool.


I thought there would a be another inner section building which is massive and fun.

All these white bits will be lighting in the future.


This is the biggest building in the city that I am making.

When you see it in the final city it dose look amazing but you will have to wait and see.


I thought I would have ground be done.

I should have done this first and then work on buildings.


I know this looks dark and there are some lights on top of the wall.

I do like how the wall looks.


This is like a building in the middle of no where.

I should work on the texture more and more things like that.


These are tower blocks and things like that for workers.

This was so that you can see the size of the city and things like that.

I hope you like as there are another 7 of these to come next week.


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