Walking more

One thing I have not done in some time is walking a lot more then I have done in the least few months or year or so. I know I have not been doing that much as of lockdown. This is something that I am hoping will change other the next few weeks as I plan on doing a few walks and a few other things. One thing that I have notice is my hiking boots are falling apart mind you I have not worn them in some time. I have just bought some more and hoping they feel good to wear.

I am thinking that doing more walking will be good for me. I am hoping this is something that would be good for me. One thing that I have stopped doing it but hope to cycle more again which I have stopped due to heat. I am not the type that likes hot weather so I am trying to stay cool as much as I can.

I have to say setting goals is easy but getting things done is the hard side of things. This is something that I hope to work on as I start and work on projects. I have stopped on project as something went worng but I am also waiting a bit to see if I can use some other software soon, I am also hoping to work with some other software soon just I need to learn how to use it right. which I plan on doing this week.


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