This is the least of images from the final cyber punk city view.


This is adding texture and look to the buldings.

These are just simply shapes as they are far away from the camera.


I thought adding a road that is going to the city is a cool thing.

I have done it so it goes thought that biggest building. Like one was built before the other.


These are here to show how people feel about there city.

I do think this gives something to the final scene.


When I was making the scene I was thinking that the left side on the ground is missing something.

There is 3 of them just you can not see them that well.


I thought my cyberpunk city could have some flying trucks.

There is a lot of them but I could have done more.


This is a set of big people movers that are not planes.


I did do a depth of field in the final set on the scene. The main reason was for the distance the city is from where the picture is taken.

I do like how the coloured light has come across and how bright the image is over all.

I do not have a name for the city but I do like it.


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