Blender Weekly (Tundra)

This was something that I thought I would not be able to do.


This was the rough layout that I have done for all the other parts to be put in order.

IO have improved how it all looks in the final one and there is no square looking area in the image, or at less then it is in here.


I thought adding some mountains where there.

Even thought these look like rounded rocks I thought they look good.


I thought adding some trees to the scene.

I these are some pine trees that I look off.


I put these in to add some textures into the mountain.

This has worked well as there is a lot of good texture in there.


Adding a cabin is something that looks cool.

I did nearly do this was less snow but something just clicked and changed it.


I thought I would just keep it simple here and that is what I have done.

This actually looks like there is some snow coming down.


This is what looks like all over.

I do like the white light that is coming out of the cabin. I did add a blue background to the scene which lightens up the whole look.

I do like how they look.


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