blender Weekly (winter City – week 1)

This is going to be a long one to make as I am making a lot of different things.


I thought I would start with an apartment block.

I have put this as the first building but I am thinking I might have more than one of these in the other all city.


I was thinking of putting a workshop next to the big building would give some hight to the overall scene.

I do like how this looks and thinks it looks cool.


I thought set this up as two different parts for the 3rd building.

all these buildings are roughly the same size but are based on the same height.


This is the sign that is for the main building.

This does look cool on the building.


and for the final building, I was thinking adding a big Chimal stack would look cool.

This is the tallest one out of them all.


This is the river and a think chunk of ice that has just left.

I like adding the water edge and some ground gives it something. as well.


I am thinking that there needs to be a big bridge across the back.

This is just a cool-looking bridge and I hope I can make it look cooler on top of that once I get more things sorted out this week.

I hope you like it so far.


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