Blender Weekly (Winter city – week 2)

This was a bit of an odd week and I hope that all will change in the next week, but it is dependent on if I have full-time work.

Monday – Tuesday

I put the first two days together as I was thinking about one thing other another.

I do like how this looks as it looks like it is apart of a city.


This was adding some snow to the scene.

I thought it would add something if there was some snow in there and have it pilling up.


Even thought I have called it smoke it was mainly a spotted mist I was aiming for.

I have to say I do like how the mist looks and flows.


This was something easy that I thought look cool.

I do not normal do sky but I have to say this one looks really cool.


Other then the lights in the buildings there is not really any much that I could have shown.

So this is the hidden sun and the other all sky colour that I have gone for.


I do love how the smile looks once it is part of the overall scene.

I think I could have done the mist stronger but the over all look is cool.


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