Blender weekly (Race Track – Week 1)

This one is a bit odd as I am working on it differently to the way I normal work on things like this.


This is for a ground level look and how it all works.

This will not be seen once I am done building up the track.


This is how the start of the track and pis look for the racing.

There are some hills here and there just it is a bit hard to see here. The first corner is going down then up hill.


This is my try at sorting out curbs for the track.

Personal I kind of like the curbs.


These are the fences to protect the people watching the racing.

I do like how these look.


This took time as I had to build up the layers and where the tiers are in the scene.

I am hoping this will all come together once I do all the texturing in one go.


This is something that I like and I hope it all fits into the feel off the track.

I like the double layer look of the stand and hope it all mixes together.


These are all the seating and entrance for the stands.

I know you can see more then what you will see when it comes to the final look of the stands.

I will be doing the texturing in one go before I do the lighting. Which I am planning on adding some things which will look different.


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