Blender Weekly (Race Track – week 2)

This is a fun one.


I know this looks like paper but it is all the over run areas.

Or I should say this has the grass and greval area as well.


This was not as bit as I frist thought I would go for but I think it dose work.

I was thinking of having that over hang going al the way across the pits but I changed my mind.


I know there is not as much as there could have been.

What I mean if there is stuff outside of the garage as there is not real racing happening right know.


This was a fun one. As I have not done as much as I should have.

I mean by putting in grid marks.


I thought adding in texturing in one day is a good thing instead of adding it in different sets.

Since this is not the final look as I have a few things to add it dose look cool.


I added some mist and clouds as I thought it would make it look cool.

I do like all the normal lighting there is for the track.


I do like how this all looks and how it will be.

I have to say having some depth of field in there is a nice thing as well.


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