Blender Weekly (Hellscape)

This is something that I have had on mind for some time.


I was thinking a hexagon is something that should be in hell.

This is the flooring I am using.


I loved the idea to have mountains in the backdrop and these are hexagon.

I added some ones on top and I like them


I thought adding some rocks to the scene is some thing amazing.

I think I have added too many know while right this up.


I love smoke and fire and thought this dose look amazing.

It took longer then I planned to do.


I thought adding some texture was going to be going well.

This is how it all looks with out any lights.


I have just keep a simple shape there shows how the lighting is.

I know it looks colourful just how all the lights are.


The rendering is taking some time to do due to me sorting it out over 60hrs.

I do love how this look and how much fun it is.

Cheers Joe

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