Blender Weekly (Woods)

This was something that I have thought about for a while. As I am going thought a list of things I have added here at the beginning of the year. I might start making bigger scenes next year and do this to show what I have been working on.


This was an idea that I put together at the least minute.

I have wall and some grass to start with as this to makes scenes.


There should have been a few more threes and some more as different shapes.

I did not as this keeped crashing my pc, when I would do anything.


How can is say this. These are small trees.

I am not joking I just shrugged and load of trees down.


I am thinking adding some tree routes into the scene is something that has helped with the shape and size.

I did add some dirt that I am treating as moss.


I was thinking adding some fungus was a good idea.

There are a lot of mushrooms in here and I may have not done this meany in the future.


I added the wall to give a rough idea how it will all look.

I do like how it all looks.


Another long render I am not sure why I like them to run long but it dose help with how the scene is.

One thing I think I need to do is slow down and that is my plan for next year and do more realistic scenes.


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