Blender Weekly(Halloween)

There are a things that I have done that I have choose not to use.


I just went with working on the layout of the trees.

I have put in a lot of trees and I should have done more.


I made some rough licking bats for the scene.

I have kept it simply as there is a lot of them.


I was thinking that having a blood river in here would look cool.

I did make a lot of rocks but know looking at it I should have not worried about it.


I was thinking coffins would add some thing to the scene.

I have a few in here and I like how they look.


I am thinking adding webs to the scene would be a good idea.

But it just did not work at all.


I kept the lighting simple and easy to see.

As you can seethe lighting is quite good.


This first one is how it looks with webs.

I was not a fan of how it all looks so I took all the webs out.

I think this looks better.


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