Blender weekly (Chessboard)

I was going to do something else but I thought I would give this a try.


I thought I would start out simple and see where it would go.

I thought I would keep it simply and easy to look at.


I thought I was start with the easiest and hardest ones to start with.

I am still not a fan of what the knight looks like put it dose work.


I went with the Rook and Bishop

I am trying to keep them all in their own style.


This is for the important part as these guys are a big thing.

These are simple and fun to look at.


This is the layout that I am going with for this scene.

I have also kept how the camera will look when out of focus.


These are just how the lighting will look and the main texturing.

I just thought I would keep the texturing simple.


I do like this has come out. it is shiny and looks like glass.

And glass is what I was hoping for.


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