Blender Weekly (Art)

This week I thought I would use the word art lossy.


I thought I would start with something simple which this was.

This was done simply as there was no point going too big with it.


I was thinking that this would be something other than looking like a ship launcher from a ship.

I was going to have all this colourful just it did not look good.


I was thinking of some slightly different just this how it all looks.

I did do metal frames around the edges but you can not see them.


I was thinking of keeping this a bit lower than it actually is.

The longest part of doing this was the water was falling.


I do like how this all looks and it was not that hard to sort out.

I did use different metal’s metals for each ring more or less.


This was meant to be balls abstracted.

Yer that did not happen.


This does not look great. Could have done better.

I should have done a better job.


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