Blender Weekly

I was thinking this would be cool to do a landscape.


This is a rough layout of the landscape.

The rocks are not as good as they could have been.


I think adding some mountains could have been better.

I should have done them with shaper edges then the looseness that I have.


There is only 2 trees that I have done.

Doing this using the hair system has amazed me me some.


These are very simple boats.

There is a lot of them but they are simple.


I kept this simple and there is a lot more then these in the final bit.

They are all as one object


I think having some different mist’s one thinker then the other helps with the final look.

This dose not look that bad in the end.


I do like the sun ray at the top looks good.

I do like how the lighting looks over all.


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