Blander Weekly (Pollyscene (Magical Forest))

This is something that I am quite happy about.


I thought I would start out with something that is simple.

I did the trees that way so it looks spare and lost of leaves.


I thought I would but a river crossing in there.

I have to say keeping it simple is a good thought when coming down to making things like this.


I had made two different types of mushrooms for this.

One is more sharpe-headed and the over is more rounded.


I thought I would just use the main top layer and duplicate it.

There are some leaves and different grass-looking grass in there.


I was thinking I need a path going into the bridge.

I could have done a better birdbath, just being a bit lazy right now.


I have done the most lighting with the leaves and a few mushrooms.

There is a big light but it is not that strong.


With all together there is more I could have done.

I know I could do better and I hope I will.

Cheers Joe

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