Blender Weekly (Steam Punk (Xmas) Week 2)

These are the final parts to the scene.


This was a bit harder to do then I first thought

There are lights in there as well. Could have done a few other things as well just I thought it looked quite busy already.


I was working out what to do here but I think this dose work out.

I was thinking that some streamers and floaty martial is something that needs to be done as I am thinking the people how live here like a minimal look to everything.


There is not much shape change to the presents.

Put there is still a lot of them.


Plates and glasses as this is where the food is in the house.

This is like there are a lot of people having a party.


I like the fire there and how the light falls in the room.

I am thinking that this place has some odd lighting thought out the house.


One thing I was trying to do is get all the textures done in one go.

That did not work as there was a lot of textures and meshes thought out the scene also I did this for night time.


It has come out brighter than I thought but it dose look good.

It dose also look warm and friendly.

I am looking into doing bigger scenes then this in the future.

Cheers Joe

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